Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Linens and Lace

I have always loved old linens and lace.  I am always on the look out for them at antique malls and garage sales. They are so beautiful and delicate.  They just have a romance about them and they always seem to make me smile.  I love having stacks of folded linens just sitting around.  Linens are one thing I can never have to many of. 

 A couple weeks ago I found this lace tablecloth at an antique mall for $4.50, of course I bought it.  It had really yellowed badly and had stains on it so I soaked it in Oxy-clean.  Surprisingly that did not get the yellow out, in fact it made it look worse.  The edges got whiter which made the middle look yellower.  Even after soaking it again it did not get the yellow out.  I went to plan B which was to coffee stain it.  I prefer to use coffee instead of tea to stain linens.  I think coffee staining gives it a more vintage look than tea.

All I did was brew a couple pots of strong coffee and soaked the tablecloth in it.  I like to let whatever I'm staining soak over night then in the morning I get up, gently rinse it and hang it out to dry.

 Get those linens out you have tucked away and admire them.  

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