Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mantel Decorated With Garage Sale Finds

I bought this faux fireplace for the family room in the basement but when I brought it home I thought I would try it in the master bedroom and see how it looked.  Well, that is where it stayed.  It really dressed up the room and gave it a finished look.

I had also bought this fabulous wood piece at a garage sale a few weeks earlier that I did not know what I was going to do with, but for $5 I figured I could find a place for it later.  It worked perfectly over the fireplace.

I wanted an overall neutral feel to the mantel so I just quickly placed some things I had laying around the house on the mantel to see how it would look.  When I was finished I realized that almost everything I had placed on the mantel I had gotten at garage sales.

The white pedestal bowl I had gotten at a garage sale for 75 cents and spray painted white.  The little bird is one of a set of two that I paid only a dollar for.

The clock face I bought at a sale for $2.00 and the silver tray I paid only 50 cents for. I was pleasantly surprised to realize it was the perfect size as a base for my cloche.  I even bought the large pine cone at a garage sale, a bag of 3 for $1.00.  It is amazing what you can pick up at garage sales.

And of course the crowning piece that I only paid $5.00 for.  Can you believe it? When I bought this piece I had no idea what it was, I just knew I loved it.  When I got home I googled the company name on the the piece and discovered it is an old stove board that was made to protect wood floors from heat damage.

Here is the finished mantel decorated with garage sale finds totaling $10.25. The pictures, cloche, and small pine cones I already had.  What a deal!

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Monday, September 16, 2013

White Trim + Black Door = Happiness

This summer I spent most of my free time painting, painting, and painting some more. I have to say all the work was worth it.  Out of all the projects I have done to this house none have made as big of difference as painting the trim white.  It has brightened up the whole house.

I have always wanted white trim, but the task seemed daunting.  This summer I summoned up all my courage and put the paint brush to the wood. The result is so worth it!  The pictures don't do it justice.  The difference the white trim has made in my home is amazing.

This was one of those projects that I just started in on and did not even think to take any before pictures, so here is a picture from last Christmas that shows the banister and front door before the white paint.

One last picture of the WHITE banister.

I still have a bit more trim to paint before all the trim upstairs is white, but it will happen.

Thanks for stopping by and happy painting!

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