Thursday, August 25, 2011

Decorating With Old Keys

It didn't take me long to get this collection built up.  It started out with a few keys I bought at an antique store.  I knew I had a few old keys of my own lying around so when I got home I went through all my junk drawers and hiding places (can't believe how many I have) and found almost a dozen more old keys.  Some of my friends went through their things also and brought me some of their old keys.  It is funny, when we don't need a key anymore instead of throwing it away we just stick it in a drawer or a jewelry box and forget about it.  You might want to go through some of your hiding places and see how many keys you have lying around.  You might be surprised.

You can display keys in so many different ways.  Here I have them spilling out onto a tray.

Here is a wall arrangement I have in the master bedroom ..... more keys.

The keys I have in this frame I ordered from Pottery Barn.  The frame surrounding them I got at a garage sale for 50 cents and spray painted white.

 I just loved the shape of this key and wanted to highlight in some way.

Keys look great just sitting in a bowl...

or sitting on a platter...

or as an embellishment.
Wouldn't an old canning jar look adorable filled with some old keys?  I think I am going to go try that.
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  1. Your keys look fabulous every way you have them displayed! I have some also and always look at them when I go to the flea. There are a couple of dealers who have quite the collection of door hardware that is always fun to go through. Beautiful job!

  2. Old keys are so fascinating, making you wonder what door or treasure chest they open. I have quite a few really old ones, and some not so old but interesting anyway. I like how you have yours displayed. Very nice.

  3. Love every one of your creations! So inspiring as I have a number of old keys that need to be used!

  4. What wonderful pictures!! I love old keys and you sure did them justice with your fabulous ideas!!

  5. I love them all grouped together in the bowl and I love them on the wall...great sheet music, too!

  6. These are awesome! Great decorating ideas too! I just love old keys; they have so much charm! I always wonder what they opened. From a new follower- I found you through Dana.

  7. I have a real obsession with really old ones, some can be worth a lot of moolah. the engraved oldies are the ones I use in my necklaces. this is such a great post, thanks for linking up with VIF, xoxo Debra

  8. I love old keys so I've hardly ever thrown any away... quite often each one is a lovely little work of Art, often overlooked. I can find so many ways to use and display old keys and your collection and vignettes are lovely!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Cute ideas, I love old keys! Especially the old skeleton keys


  10. I have a few old keys that I display in a platter with some old door hardware. I bought all of mine though. I wish I had some hanging around in my drawers though.

  11. I love all your displays! Now where have I stashed old keys? I need to go look. lol

  12. Love your keys. I have a few of my own that I decorate with. I have one old one that I have a piece of twine pulled through it and I have it hanging around a lamp shade. Simple but neat character.

  13. lovely ideas. I hopped over from the feathered nest hop and so happy I did. Hugs!

  14. i love this post on decorating with easy and fact, i decided to feature this on fridays unfolded this week!


  15. Hi - I'm a new follower, and I saw this post today while looking at your mantle post. I love your style, and I have the same wooden footed bowl! I painted mine white, too. You can see it at

    Stop by for a visit!

  16. Okay, we must be long lost sisters! Love your style in gardening and home!

  17. Of course I've been saving keys waiting for inspiration. I like the idea of just putting them in an old jar. I've been browsing thru your blog this morning and finding so many great posts.

  18. Yes, I need to get my keys out and put in something to display! Just can't seem to ever throw them away! Good inspiration


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