Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Just Love White Paint

White paint just seems to make every thing look new.  I love the clean fresh look of white painted furniture.  These are pictures of some things I painted before I had a blog.  Sadly I do not have before pictures but I wanted to share these pieces with you anyway.  The cabinet below sits in the corner of my living room and is one of my favorite re-dos.  I lightly sanded it, painted it white (2 coats to cover the flowers that were painted on it), then glazed it.  The glaze does not show up well in this picture but it is there.  I did this project 2 years ago and can not find the exact color of glaze I used but is was a dark brown.

The bench below is also in my living room.  This I only put one coat of paint on, then sanded it after it dried to get that worn look.

Painting the kitchen table was the biggest surprise.  It really changed the look of it.  My friends thought I had bought a new set when they came over.  Is there anything harder to paint than chairs?  Drips, drips, drips!  Do you see that brown hutch in the background?  That is one of my many projects.  Of course the plan is to paint it white.

This is a picture of a trunk that sits at the end of my bed.  I usually keep  a folded coverlet over it so it is a bit softer to sit on.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at some of my finished projects.  Hopefully I will have more projects to show you soon.

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  1. White is always such a clean feel to it...I luv it too! I’m having an awesome GIVEAWAY…enter to WIN a $40 POTTERY BARN GIFT CARD!


  2. Just checking up on you and I love the new look of your blog--so much more like you--clean and bright :) Great post.

  3. Everything looks wonderful! You've been very busy!

  4. Love that chest! White does add a nice touch!


  5. I really like your title " I just love white paint". Actually, I say the same as well. White is known as color of "peace". So, it gives you really fresh, shining, cleaning, and relaxed place. I have gone through your article where I found some good tips to paint very well your old furniture which I would really love to use as well as shown above. All above pictures are really neat and clean particularly the white and brown combination of furniture. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.

    Carol J@ white painted furniture


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