Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Playing In The Leaves

Meet the baby of the family, this is Oliver aka Ollie.  He is the sweetest little pug ever.  He was outside earlier this week and I just couldn't resist getting out my camera and snapping some pictures. 

Here he is striking a pose.

 Isn't this just the cutest face ever!?!

I hope all of you enjoy your long weekend and get a jump start on you Christmas shopping and/or decorating.  I know that is my plan.  I would get a lot more done if my sweet little puppy wouldn't distract me so much.


  1. Cute little guy! Our family loves pugs! Had 3 of them, one for 15 years! We are currently pug free as we lost our last one this year due to a bad hip problem (11 years old though).

  2. I love that dog! He's the cutest one alive now that Tucker is gone. Give him a hug from me and wish him Happy Thanksgiving with a little turkey nibble.

  3. Gotta luv those cute pugs! Fur babies are sweet and cuddly. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. I love pugs! WE have two of them and our oldest Max, is gray in the face like Ollie! They truly are the sweetest dogs ever.

  5. How stinking cute!! Hope your Thanksgiving was a grand one! Thanx for stopping by The Old Oak Cottage blog and your sweet comments!


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